Enigma 17l Autoclave

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Enigma Autoclave B ClassPrinter and USB Interface Included . 17 Litre "S" type vacuum autoclave for wrapped and hollow items; Printer included as standard; USB interface as standard

Enigma 17L and 22L Printer Paper Roll Just Care Podiatry PODIATRY SUPPLIES ONLINE CALL 020 8453 8885. BLOG … Enigma 12L Vacuum Autoclave Type B.

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Infection Control & Hygiene . Infection Control Equipment . Autoclaves; Ultrasonic Cleaners; Autoclave Accessories; … Enigma 17L Autoclave – Vacuum Type S

Printer and USB Interface Included . 17 Litre "B" type vacuum for pouched or hollow instruments, plus porous loads (gowns & drapes) Printer included as …

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